CERTIF-ICE's Services are "Unique" and "Complete"

It is a One-Stop-Shop for icing certification


We support you in designing the IPS with the most advanced computational tools

We support you in filing a Compliance Plan that best combines CFD, EFD and FFD*

We support you in Icing Tunnel Testing

For Natural Icing Campaigns, we pick up your airplane and return it to you certified:

Ferry Pilots to Pickup Aircraft from its Base to the Test Site

Complete Ferrying Logistical Support Across Countries

Multi-Country Special Flight Authorizations

Test Base Airport and Logistical Support

Local Accommodation and Transportation

DER Campaign Manager

DER Test Pilots

Meteorologist Experienced in Icing Certification

Flight Instrumentation Technical Support

Reduced Order Modeling Technology for a Complete Coverage of the Appendices**

Interaction with Certification Authorities

Ferry Pilots to Return Aircraft to its Base.."Certified"


* CFD:Computational Fluid Dynamics; EFD: Experimental Fluid Dynamics; FFD: Flight Fluid Dynamics: please visit our Consulting section to see how CERTIF-ICE weaves CFD in most aspects of Certification

**A Revolutionary Proprietary Technology for a complete mapping of APP C, D and O: please visit our Consulting section to see how CERTIF-ICE applies ROM in many aspects of Certification



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